Electronic Press Kit

The Lending Room, Leeds - 11/09/2021


Formed in June 2020 and born out of the first lockdown in the UK, Cliché Cult haven’t been together long but have big plans for the future. Based in Leeds, UK they are adding to an already vibrant and diverse music scene, and starting to finally play live in 2021 - they aren’t going to be one you want to miss.

Our Tunes

Say It Like You Mean It

"This new tune “Say It Like You Mean It” is a proper belter, with lovely guitar riffs driving the track forward, chorusey and ambient melodies throughout and boss vocal ability throughout, paired with lovely lyricism – it’s a real class tune to not miss out on if you’re a fan of indie, alternative or post-punk bands " - Bread Records

Common Ground

"The brooding vocals of guitarist Jimmy Sweeney intone how "they keep finding common ground / to nowhere", while hazy guitars keep the melancholic feel running throughout, despite an easily memorable chorus line." - Sam Geary, Little Indie Blogs

Someone Like You

"Pulling from strong inspirations with a catchy backing track, this is one for your favourite playlist. No matter what mood you’re in, ‘Someone Like You’ will certainly keep you going!" - About The Noise


"This, my friends, is a burst of outrageous happiness, Summer bliss in a neatly encapsulated 3 minutes 11 seconds. One for going mad to. Play loud and get sweaty." - Local Sound Focus


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